Tuesday, December 9, 2014


1) I am so far behind on my blogs. I really should catch up, but an 11 month old takes a lot out of you!

2) My daughter LOVES Thomas and Friends, but it bothers me that all the merchandize and commercials are geared towards boys. Girls like him too, and there are girl trains as well!

3) I have been extremely tired today. I took a bath and just about fell asleep while reading in the tub.

4) I sit my child down in the floor to play and she immediately crawls right back to me.  :/

5) When she sits in my lap all she wants to do is rock. She has to stand on my legs facing me, grab my thumbs, and rock back and forth. Continually. All the time.

6) She likes music, but especially "All About The Bass" and "Wagon Wheel", the latter of which she falls asleep to.

7) When she hears a song she likes she rocks back and forth.

8) She has yet to crawl over to the Christmas tree and mess with it, thank goodness! Beings its a real tree, though, she can't knock it over.

9) I am depressed that I can't go out and buy her a bunch of stuff for Christmas, even though she won't know it.

10) I'm also struggling to figure out how to pay for her birthday party, two weeks after Christmas.

11) She is still taking two naps a day, and I try to take one in the afternoon when she does.

12) I really want to go look at Christmas lights!

13) I shouldn't end on 13.

14) I am making chili for supper tonight. Just wish I had snow to go with it.