Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

1) I don't have anything to share for Throwback Thursday, so here we go. 

2) Was gonna do a Wordless Wednesday yesterday, where you just post a picture....I was completely wordless and pictureless yesterday. Haha! 

3) I made an Angus beef pot roast tonight with pinto beans and ham and garlic bread. Cooked the beans myself from dried (no can cheating tonight!), seasoned the roast with a seasoning pack, and Kroger made the garlic bread. I ate way too much garlic bread and now feel nauseous. On the bright side, no vampires are gonna get me tonight! 

4) My honey is asleep on the couch. Tried to wake him, didn't work, so I just turned off all the lights and let him sleep. He'll get up eventually, especially when we have to go back in there at bottle feeding time. 

5) I got the most adorable vintage (antique) wooden high chair today for $20. Pop is checking it out, taking it apart and making it good and sturdy for Layna, then we will paint and customize it. I can't wait! 

6) I put baby oil gel on my hands. It smells so good, makes my hands soft. It also makes my hands very slippery; already almost dropped the phone four times!

7) I will soon have a phone for sale. It will more than likely be my iPhone 4, but if I don't like the phone I bought on eBay today I may sell it instead of the iPhone. 

8) It's raining.

9) The lady that checked me out at Kroger today about heard an earful from me. You don't roll your eyes at me, criticize what I am buying, and sling my groceries like you could care less. If I hadn't been so hungry, I would have asked to speak to a manager. Just because I have WIC and food stamps doesn't make me a loser or whatever she thinks I am. 

10) I literally just closed my eyes and immediately started dreaming. I thought you had to be in REM sleep to dream? Guess I'd better sleep before the next feeding time.  :( 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Totally Twisted Tuesday (Now with pics!)

So it's only noon-thirty, and already the day has been crazo. 

When I decided to be a SAHM for a bit, I had all these plans got what I was going to do. Keeping the house clean? Layna makes sure I don't do that by crying all the time. Finishing her Christening gown? See above reason. 

But then AF hit me, and let me tell ya, I sure didn't miss her while pregnant! I have been cramping so bad I don't feel like doing anything but cuddling with Layna and a heat pad (not together). 

They say exercise is good for cramps, and it would also be good for my depression and weight gain since after having Layna. I was actually very close to pre-preggo weight after I had her, but now I'm gaining. My goal was to start taking a daily walk in the park, Layna in her stroller. 

Only in Tennessee can it be beautiful and in the 60's one day and 30 and snowing the next. Wake up to snowflakes this morning. It's not sticking, but it's cold! Now, I wouldn't mind walking in it, I love the cold and the snow, but Layna doesn't need to be out in the cold. She's content right now watching TV in her bouncy seat, while the flurry of tiny snowflakes fall amidst the rays of the sun peeking out of the clouds. Well, not completely content, she's crying. Thus the reason why I'm sitting here writing this instead of washing dishes or cleaning the living room. 

Needless to say, I have on my Oscar the Grouch shirt, and that's how I feel. Who knows, the rest of the day may go smoother. Let's pray it does. 

These pictures were looking out over the neighbors' yards.

So then I decided to get out in it with Layna, beings she had never really been out in the "snow" yet. 
I think she might have liked it. Haha! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Funday Sunday

So Layna got to experience her first birthday celebration yesterday. In the SO's family, everyone gets a birthday cake on the Sunday closest to their birthday. Jessica's was a little late this month because of Pa's passing and all the drama from it. 
I was so proud of Layna, she just sat there and didn't cry. It's tradition that the birthday person have their picture taken with all the kids. Funny thing, there are 15 grandkids, but they aren't all down there anymore, so there aren't near as many in this pic as there should be. And they always include any extras that are there; Hunter's friend and Kyle's girlfriend are in this one. 

The cake was so good! It was a SunDrop cake, but made with orange soda instead. Yum! Now I'm wondering all the possibilities of other cakes that could be made; grape soda, root beer, pineapple, strawberry, cream I'm getting hungry! 

At church I got to see the baptismal font. It's beautiful! Now I just have to finish Layna's christening gown so we can have the ceremony. 

Next Sunday I get to lead the hymn sing. I am very nervous about this because 1) we don't have a piano player and 2) Pastor Linda has picked out all the songs, so I don't know if I will know them all or not. Praying it will all go ok. 

It is 3:30am and Layna is wide awake. She's stretching and kicking and hitting me in the face while taking her bottle. Fun times! Is it bad that I call her little s**t when she wiggles so much she clocks me, jerks the bottle out of her mouth, and kicks the phone out of my hand? All at once? 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Random Is the Name

1) For some reason, Layna's normal bottle and sleep time is totally off tonight. She's usually asleep by 8:30-9pm. It's midnight and she's awake. Had a bottle at 11. Gonna be a long night. 

2) I watched a horrible movie tonight. It was not what I thought it was going to be. I totally did not want to see Harry Potter (and seriously, his character looked like Harry Potter, glasses and all) making out with one guy and having sex with another. I can never watch Harry Potter the same now, knowing that he played a roll like that. Bleh! (Please don't think I am a homophobe, because I'm not. I have gay friends. I just didn't want to see H.P. in that position.)

3) I got Layna to really smile the other day, and made sure I grabbed my phone and had it ready when she did. 
Note two things: 1- She's wearing a boy's bib and 2- Her onesie from Walmart is misspelled. Haha! 

4) I have now been visited by AF for the first time since having Layna. What is AF? "Aunt Flo". Let me tell you, she is really giving it to me this time. I want to be pregnant again, just so I don't have to worry about AF anymore. It was so nice those 11 months I didn't have to! 

5) It is now 4am and we're doing the bottle again. We slept for a few hours, which was good I guess. 

6) It must be raining pretty good, could hear the water pouring off my roof in the bedroom. Time to check for leaky walls.  :/

7) I'm working on a light pink and camo crochet blanket for Layna. Also still working on her christening gown, but had to take a break from it because it was driving me nuts.

8) My left arm is going numb from the weight of Layna's head propped on it. 

9) I really need to get that cool mist humidifier set up in the bedroom; even I am getting a dried out nose and dry mouth overnight.  :(

10) I am in the process of reading two books. One is about colic and the other is "The Lovely Bones". I had bought that book a long time ago with intentions of reading it, but have since watched the movie. It was a great movie, but like all book to movie productions, it is different. I am not even through the first chapter and already there are SO many differences. Her Heaven is totally different, the way in which "it" happened was edited in the movie. Even her jingle hat was different; in the movie her mom had just given it to her, in the book she got it "one Christmas". The books are usually so much better, and this one seems to be so far. 

11) Beings this is randomness, I can stop on whatever number I want, right? Hehe.

12) Early last night Layna fell asleep suddenly as I was laying propped up in the bed with the heating pad on (thanks AF!). I propped her on the Boppy-like pillow (not Boppy brand). She leaned over and fell asleep, was the cutest thing! 
She didn't stay that way long. I tried to put her in her Rock and Play and she instantly woke up. Of course. 

13) It is now 4:12am and she has stopped drinking and fell back asleep....she only drank maybe one ounce. Oh well, at least we can sleep a little longer. Don't want to fall asleep in church tomorrow! 

14) Couldn't stop on 13. Not superstitious but not taking any chances either. 

15) Supposed to watch Catching Fire today at the in-laws. Can't wait!

16) I was told not long ago that I need to watch what I say about particular subjects, as to not offend people. Let's think about that. In order for someone to feel offended there has to be a few factors. One, they feel guilty because it is true and they don't want to have to face the truth, and that offends them. Two, if what is said is a lie, then that can be offensive to the person. Three would be if someone intentionally made fun of a bad situation in someone's life (a death, loss of job, their weight, mental stablilty, etc) and they feel offended by it. My "offense" fits under number one. They don't want to admit that I was right and they feel guilty about it, thus crying out in defeat as saying they were offended by my words. Let me tell you something; I am entitled to my opinion, everyone is, and I'm not going to hold back and not say what I feel just because I might offend someone. People get offended every day. I am offended that since my Facebook absence all these "friends" have yet to check on me by other means. One of them has, and that's it. If they read my blog they don't leave comments. I am offended, yes, but I'm not going to go crying to someone telling them to make my "friends" write me or check on me or call me (don't call, I hate talking on the phone). I will continue to do what I do. I may even stay off Facebook permanently, with the exception of checking on family members out of town. 

17) I am tired, and even to me that last random is a little confusing. Layna is asleep, think I need to be too. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

So on Facebook we'd all do the Throwback Thursday. I've even seen it on Twitter (I follow the Nascar drivers on there). Well, I thought I'd do a throwback on here tonight. 

My throwback is from me missing my mom really bad today. I did a bold thing today, one which was very hard on me, especially when my dumb luck kicked in.

I decided to pack away almost all the momentos that people had given me when my mom passed away. It's been over 11 years, I thought it was time. I took the two Willow Tree collectible angels, a picture of myself and Mom, and a small ceramic Daughter sign that my grandparents had given Mom while she was sick, and displayed them in Layna's room. I also had a small stuffed monkey that I had bought for Mom right before she passed. They had it out for early Valentine's Day and I had bought it for her. It had Velcro hands, so it was attached to her hospital bed in the living room at the house. I carried it with me to the funeral, even held it at the graveside. It had been sitting on the shelf of momentos, and had collected dust, so I threw it in the washer and when it dries I'll put it in Layna's room too. 

My dumb luck came when putting all the momentos away. Had a beautiful ceramic hand with a cherub leaned in the palm that the Bogles had given me at the funeral. It slipped off the sofa and even though I have carpet, it's thin and not soft at all, so of course the hand shattered. There was no gluing back together; it had broken in too many pieces. I got so upset at myself I had to just sit down and relax. 

I miss my mom so much. I wish she was here to give me advice and help with Layna, to hold her and love on her the way a Granny should, spoil her rotten. She would love her to death, I know she would. 

As I was cleaning today (did some rearranging) I came across a small photo album with pics of my mom in it, some of her and me together. I saw this one and the first thing I thought of was how Layna's ears stick out the same way. Although she looks more and more like her no good sperm doner every day, I can't deny her either. My chubby cheeks, small nose, and big ears.  :)

Mom and I, not sure how old I was.

Layna at 2 months. Kinda hard to see both ears to get the full effect. Haha! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How Things Change

When you have a child, things change. Some for the good, some for the irritating. Now don't get me wrong, none of these irritating changes would keep me from my LO, I wouldn't trade her for anything. But it is no lie, your life changes. 

Gone are the days of only thinking about yourself. Now you have to think about your LO in everything you do. Going shopping? Forget the closest parking spot. Park next to a buggy corral so that you can grab a buggy while getting out of the vehicle as well as dropping it off and not having to walk so far with the car seat (or leaving baby in the car). 

Before leaving the house, forget your cute little handbag, the huge diaper bag is your new accessory. Double, triple check it before you even think about leaving. Make sure you have a bottle and plenty formula (if you are bottle feeding) as well as bottles of water. The last thing you want is a baby screaming for a bottle and you don't have one (been there done that). Also think about how long you are going to be gone and pack diapers accordingly. Don't forget an extra (or two) change of clothes in case of accidents, as well as burp cloths and a bib or two. You might also want to take some Tylonel for your sore muscles after carrying around the baby and the heavy diaper bag. 

When getting in and out of the car you must remember GET THE BABY! Don't leave the house without her, and don't leave her in the car while you go in. This was hard for me in the sense that the first time I went somewhere without her, I was lost, thinking I had forgotten her. Mommy brain makes you forget and get confused quite a bit. 

You can also forget going to the bathroom by yourself. As with other things I will be listing, the LO knows exactly when I need to go to the bathroom and will scream her head off. Now, if it's a quick trip in and out, she's ok to cry, but if I have an upset tummy and have to stay in there a while, she has to come with. The bouncy seat or her fold and play has to come with us so I can bounce/rock her while I sit. 

Cooking supper, yet another activity that will change. You will either have to cook around her bottle time and/or crying fits, or hold her while you cook. Both are very difficult. One night LO just was not happy. I put her in the carrier on my chest and literally had to bounce up and down while cooking, just to get her to stop screaming at the top of her lungs. 

Taking a shower or relaxing bath is also altered. Yet again, my LO could be in a sound sleep and as soon as I jump in the tub she starts crying. I can't relax and enjoy the hot water for the crying, so it's a mad dash to hurry and finish so I can dry my hair, get dressed, and console the cryer. this one is tricky. I will admit sometimes I feel like a bad mom. We will continue where we are if she starts crying. I mean, she's right next to the bed, so it's not like we can't keep an eye on her to make sure she's ok. But yet again, she knows when we start and she wakes up. Good thing we don't take that long...haha! 

The worst of all is sleep. You can forget it. Until the LO starts sleeping at longer stretches, be prepared to get up every 2-3 hours. Especially if you are like me and the SO doesn't wake up at night when the LO cries. They say to sleep when the LO sleeps.....yeah, that doesn't work, at least not for me. I can't sleep in the daylight, although I am getting a little better at it. And if I slept every time she slept, I would never get anything done around the house. I would be sleeping all day. And for the first week or so, that's all you are going to want to do. Recruit help, with anything and everything you need done. I had a cousin do my laundry, two friends from church cleaned my kitchen, another cousin took down my Christmas tree, and a couple people brought over some food. The SO did really well while I was recovering, but once he realized I could do most everything I could before again, he kinda stopped. But don't be afraid to ask for help. I was, too proud to ask, and I regret it, although I was ashamed of how messy my house had gotten....when you are in the last month of pregnancy, you are pretty darned tired and don't want to do much of anything but rest. 

The most fun change is that you become paparazzi. Make sure you have plenty of space on your cell phone to make all kinds of pictures; that silly grin as they sleep, that cute little spit bubble, the naked bum in the tub. Word of advice, from the girl with the small memory phone: download the Flickr app on your phone and transfer all your pictures to it, that way it clears the memory up on your phone. I've taken probably 300 pictures on my phone since she was born, Jan 8th. 

There is a lot more that changes, and I'm sure I'll cover them over these 18 years of my LO's life. Oh what fun days I have ahead of me! I wouldn't trade them for a thing! 

No Luck for Me

Well, St. Patty's Day was not so lucky for me. For starters, I was supposed to hear from Cracker Barrel about the job, and I didn't. It really depressed me, because I know I need a job. The more I think about it, tho, the more I don't want to work. I want to stay home, I want to raise Layna, not work long hours and be away from her. If I knew I could depend on the SO to keep this job he has and pay rent then I could stay home. The only thing is I would not expect him to pay my car insurance. I mean, it's not his car, even tho he drives it when we go places together. What to do, what to do?

Second off, I woke up at midnight last night sick at my stomach. I thought it would just pass like it usually does. Not this time. I prayed to the porcelain god. I do not usually do that. Over the past 11 years (at least, probably longer) the only few times I have thrown up was when 1) I had a kidney stone 2) Acid reflux while carrying Layna 3) Going into labor. That said, I don't have pain from a kidney stone, and I did not have acid reflux. I now have a headache and sore throat. 

I cooked supper last night, so if the food made me hurl I have no idea why. I never throw up after eating something that has upset my stomach (except the one time with the acid reflux). In all those years, all the times I accidentally ate something with lactose in it and I got sick, I never threw up. I got nauseous, for sure, but never went past that. So what happened? Why did I get sick? 

I guess it was kinda luck after all. If Cracker Barrel had called, I might have had to start orientation today, and I sure don't feel like doing much of anything besides take care of Layna. Hopefully she'll sleep and not cry a lot and let me get some rest. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patty's Day

Layna's Nanny has a St. Patrick's Day party every year, usually the weekend before (or of, if it's on the weekend). She decks the house in green decorations, has green themed food and drink (no alcohol), and has everyone wear green. 

This year was a little harder, with Pa being gone. He used to always let Nanny put a goofy hat or beard on him and have his picture taken. Without him here everything has changed. Half the family isn't speaking to the other half. It truly is sad that it has come to that. Some people.....

Anyway, those of us who did go to the party had fun. We had good food, green Hawaiian Punch, and a Sun Drop cake decorated as a rabbit for Betty Mac's birthday. 

Nanny, Papa Billy, Layna and I were the only ones in green, but we all still had a good time and enjoyed each others' company. Of course all Layna did was eat and spit up. Haha! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014


This morning I finally got Layna to smile for me! I was so excited! Of course, when I broke out the camera she stopped. I tried again this afternoon and got a good grin. You can see her face is lighting up and more happy than before, when it was all blank stares. My baby girl is growing so fast! I am going to have my camera at the ready at all times now! 

I also got her the first in a collection that I hope to build for her over the years. It is the Enesco "Growing Up" series. I myself have the whole set from when I was growing up, and now I want to start the collection for Layna. Today I got her the baby, and when she turns one, she will get the next one. I hope they mean as much to her as my collection does to me. 
Photo courtesy of Enesco website. 

Busy Day!

We had a busy day yesterday! Started out me getting VERY irate at the dog for taking off at morning potty time and staying gone an hour and a half. Needless to say she went directly into her crate when she got back and didn't come out. 

The plan was to go to the big city of Murfreesboro (haha) and find some clothes for my new job, as well as spend Layna's gift card from Target (she is finally out of Newborn size!) Thanks to the dog, we got a late start. 

We hit up all kinds of places. Got Layna a cute outfit, sleeper, Easter bib, rabbit beanie, and strap on sunglasses at Target. We then hit The Avenue and all the baby stores. Good thing I am broke, I could have gone nuts spending money in some of those places. Why are children's clothes so expensive? I ended up just buying one shirt from Carter's that should fit her for a few months (for $8 it better!) and refrained from spending any more. (Checked Old Navy for myself and for her, was very disappointed in their clearance section, which is usually fab!)

Then we headed to Goodwill. I really don't like the old Goodwill store (couldn't find the new one) but I figured that would be the only place to find reasonably priced work shirts. I found one. Ended up getting Layna five or six pieces. 

From there we went to see my grandparents, my mom's parents. I hadn't seen them in about four years. I don't know what happened, but after my grandmother had surgery back those years ago, they quit talking to me. That whole side of the family did. It was very hard for me. I had spent every Thanksgiving and Christmas with them since I was born (unless we were too sick to go). 

When they found out I had Layna, they contacted me. I told them I would bring her to see them. I figured I needed to do it now, before I start working. 

I had been told that their memory was going some. It seems to be the short term. They had no problems remembering things from 60 years ago, but couldn't remember something said two minutes before. I had to tell my granddaddy how old Layna is six times in the hour and a half we were there. Grandmother repeated three times that my uncle and my cousin's kids had just been there and I missed them. Granddaddy could remember when I was there a LONG time ago and had to drive home in the rain in the dark, but he couldn't remember where to put Layna in the car after I had just told him. He even went to the driver door and asked me if that was the right door. 

Lord bless them. It has to be hard. I can only pray it doesn't get worse. They have already had so many problems as it is. I am so glad they got to see Layna tho. Granddaddy didn't hold her, but she sure liked to look at him. Crained her neck to follow him as he walked behind her! Grandmother just couldn't get enough of her. She held her most of the time. Even gave her her bottle! I know they miss my mom, so I'm glad they got to see Layna. 

Here is Granny Jo Jo holding Layna, with Granddaddy behind them. Notice she's looking back at him.  <3 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

What I Did This Afternoon

Layna had her 2 Month shots today. Although she did well right after getting them and settled down quickly, a few hours later she was screaming and very hard to console. We laid down and took a nap together, which helped a bit, but as soon as I decided to get up, she woke up and the screaming started again. So basically I've been sitting in my chair with her in her bouncy seat and me bouncing it. If I stop and walk away, the crying starts again. Stuck in my chair, I've been reading the news. Here are the articles that interested me and/or made me mad. Take a few minutes and read some of them. 

First up is a sad story. This one is hard to judge because of the way it's written. It could have been an act of (stupid) mercy on the parent's part, or selfishness in dealing with the illnesses. Either way, your heart breaks for the innocent child. 

Up next is an uplifting story with a little humor. The reasoning behind why it was done is the best part. No one should be afraid of cops (under normal circumstances....there are some that abuse their power) and this shows that they care about their community and can have a little fun with the kids too. I have to admit, tho, that the story is poorly written, but that is normal for Fox 17's website. 

This one should be common sense, but I am guilty sometimes of the smartphone issue. It is really something to think about in parenting your infant child. 

I am not sure how I feel about this one. I am glad that they can say Merry Christmas again, that is a blessing, but I'm not sure that I like the mixing of religious symbols on signs and displays. Younger, more impressionable children could get confused with what symbols go with what religions. 

This is yet another one that is hard to know what to support and what to be mad about. I totally understand why the school did what they did; they don't want the child hurt. But instead of telling him he can't bring his bag, they should punish the kids so they know not to do it again. In my school days, if kids acted the way these are, they saw a nice wooden paddle, and I can guarantee you they almost always didn't do it again (some dummies just didn't get it). What I find most hilarious tho is the mother's quote....and I wonder if she realizes how stupid she sounded. Here is her quote: 

"Saying a lunchbox is a trigger for bullying is like saying a short skirt is a trigger for rape," she said. "It's flawed logic; it doesn't make any sense."

Seriously mom? What disgusting rapist wouldn't be more enticed by a teen girl dressed in a short skirt, showing off all he wants to see? I mean, he's going to do it whether or not she's wearing that skirt, but the skirt is going to make her that more appealing to him, if she wasn't already before. My daughter will not wear short skirts. 

This one I know I'll get flack for with my opinion, but I don't care. This one irritates me to no end. While the article is written about the humility - the forgiveness of the driver by the mother, the mother's guilt of not watching her child - it's just crazy. I mean, they make it seem like she is doing the driver a favor. The driver did absolutely nothing wrong, she doesn't have a right to be mad at him! If anything, she needs to be advocating to all mothers out there to NOT lose sight of their children as they play in the yard, especially if you live on a highway, and even more so if you have a child with special needs that doesn't quite know better not to run out in the road. Had the mother even taught her children not to do so? I feel for both parties in this situation, both the mother and the driver, but more so the driver. He will be scarred for life because of what happened. 

This is just hilarious. After reading the saddening loss of the writer's twins, she turns light hearted with some new, trendy baby names. Now, I'm all for different (Layna JoLynn), but #3? I don't even know how to pronounce it! Poor kid would have a hard time spelling it! People these days. Sheesh! 

Another funny that is also SO true! The hair and crying are ones I deal with almost every time I go out. "Oh, is it a boy or a girl?" Well, let's a pink car seat, wearing all pink, bow on her head, pink paci, pink bottle, and even a pink blanket. Yep, it's a boy. 

These last two have nothing to do with kids, they are just feel-good stories that everyone should read. Although the dog could be considered a child, as most pets are like children to people. This story warmed my heart and brought a tear to my eye. 

And finally, Duck Dynasty....enough said. 

Snap or Zip, Onesie or 2 Piece?

As a first time mother, I was new to all the ways of an infant. If you remember, I had never even changed a diaper till Layna came along! You would think, though, that clothing would be the easy choice compared to what diapers, bottles, formula to use. 

Naw. Clothes are just as hard, Jack! 

You'd think the hardest decision would be which cute outfit to buy, and you'd be wrong. While this is a tough decision, I have found there are far worse factors to infant clothing. 

Snap or Zip, that is the question. Each have their pros and cons. 

Snap pro: When changing a diaper, you only have to unsnap the bottom few snaps and pull the legs out, then swing it to the side while changing. 

Zip pros: So easy to put on and take off, with a one step zip. Also, the snap tab that goes across the top of the zipper is a great place to attach the short paci leash. 

Snap con: There are too many snaps that a sleep-deprived parent can fumble with, snap (or button) in the wrong hole, or even miss one altogether. This also slows down the changing into a new outfit process, whether it be due to a mess or doctor's visits when baby has to go nakey. In most outfits I have also noticed gaping in between snaps. The garment won't lay right and you can see right up in there, also letting a draft in. 

Zip cons: In order to change the diaper, you have to unzip the whole thing, top to bottom. No only does baby get cold being totally exposed, but if he/she is like Layna, she can't lay still and wiggles so much she falls out of the onesie. Then the process begins to put her back in it and quickly get it zipped. Not to mention the zipper handle that, if not flipped in the downward position, can poke and rub the baby in the neck or chin. (This is done a lot in the zombie stages when awakened for a late night bottle and diapey change.)

So which wins? It all depends on the mood of the day. Having both styles on hand, I can look at the events of the day and my mood and plan accordingly. For instance, there is a doctor appointment today, so the zipper would be the best choice. Easy and quick out for the inspection. 

Onesie vs 2 Piece

Before Layna got here, I thought one pieces would be the best! So much easier than matching pieces, losing a piece, putting on two versus one. Then one day I decided to put on a two piece that someone had given me as a gift. I fell in love! Went out, bought more separate pieces and two piece outfits. Why? Let's take a look. 

Onesie pros: Only one piece, you don't have to worry about matching separates. If it's cooler weather, you also don't have to worry about socks (or shoes), because of the footies. If it's warmer weather, changing diapers is a cinch, with the snap crotch making it convenient to take the diaper off. 

Two piece pros: You can mix and match pieces for a different look. You can quickly just change top or bottom if an accident (spit up or poop/pee leaky diaper) has occurred to dirty the clothes. SO much easier to change the diaper by pulling down just the pants. 

Onesie cons: Note the cons for both on the above topic as far as legged onesies go. The short sleeve (or long sleeve) no leg onesies are even worse. You have to fit them over the head, which is no easy task if baby is fussy. Also for me it seems I have a hard time getting her head in the hole, maybe she has a big head? The arms in the sleeves are hard too, maneuvering them around so that they fit up and in. I feel like I'm hurting her arms sometimes, but she doesn't cry. And to get them off? Just as hard getting it over her head and off her arms. 

2 Piece Cons: If she is wearing shoes and/or socks, these have to come off as well as the pants when she has pooped. Reason? For my Layna, she is very active and likes to kick her legs and flail her arms a LOT when she's awake. So much so that she'll stick her foot in the dirty diaper before I get it moved! 

The winner? Definitely two piece. So much easier all the way around. I do like footed onesies at night for her to sleep in tho. Beings she wiggles a lot before falling asleep, I don't want her shirt riding up and blocking her airway. 

Who would have ever thought infant clothing could be so difficult? 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Daytime Randomness

1) It is 1pm and I'm still in my jammies. 

2) Layna's poop has been multi-colored today. 

3) I hate my new birth control. I am pretty sure it's what is making me nauseous at night. 

4) I am having to spend my rent money on uniform clothes for Cracker Barrel. They are so picky! I even have to buy new shoes! 

5) I need a nap. 

6) My bedroom is a mess. Started organizing clothes and Layna started fussing so now there are clothes everywhere. 

7) I have got to go to Walmart. Blah. 

8) Just watched a good movie with a lame ending. "The Romantics". What the heck happened??? 

9) I am crocheting Layna a christening gown and it looks HUGE! I sure hope it fits! 

10) It is beautiful outside! If it's not going to snow, then this is how it should be. 

11) Did I mention I need a nap? lol

Sunday, March 9, 2014

2 Month Pic

I wish that I'd had something holding the chalkboard frame up more, but then it would have had a glare from the flash. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time Change Randomness

1) Time change = stupid. The only positive for me is that it will be darker a bit longer in the mornings, which means I can hopefully sleep a bit longer after the 4:30ish bottle. 

2) Unless I'll have to go in early for my hopefully new job at Cracker Barrel. Will find out Monday at 2pm if I definitely have the job and when I'll start. I am excited! 

3) And I'm sad. Why? I got rid of my truck. I absolutely hated to do it, I loved it so much, but it made more sense. Less money on gas, air conditioning that works, and best of all no car payment. The car is totally not what I wanted, but it will do for now. It is paid for. 

4) I needed a good laugh, and this did it. It says it's not a laughing matter, but yeah it is! At least the way they've written it it is.

5) My baby girl was two months old yesterday. Yet again, she was fussy when I pulled out the camera, so the pictures didn't turn out as good as I wanted them to, but beings she was fussy, they aren't too bad. I have to look them over and edit them. 

6) Yet again, it is cold in the house this morning. 

7) Time change, yet my phone still says it's midnight.'s 1am, right? Spring forward. Hello, "smart" phone, get it right! 

8) Evenflo Advanced and Advanced + are LO's favorite bottles. Lord bless Kmart for carrying them! But....

9) LO is picky about her bottle. It has to be warm, or she'll spit and/or drool it all out while drinking. Which brings me to.....

10) Went to a children's consignment shop. Found a cigarette lighter plug operated portable bottle warmer. Granted I only paid $1.99 for it, but the dang thing doesn't work! Why would you put something on your sales floor without testing it, even if you put a cheap price on it? That is just bad business. Won't be going back there unless I'm looking for something that they may have that no other place in this non-shopping town has. 

11) LO woke me up to drink maybe one full oz of her bottle, then refuse more and is wide awake. Seriously? I am tired, and we lost an hour of sleep. Ugh! 

12) Still cold..... 

13) My kitchen is a mess! LO has been fussy and wanting constant bouncing, so I haven't had much time for dishes. 

14) My mom's BFF finally got to see and hold LO for the first time yesterday. It was beautiful. She is pretty sick, cancer has gotten the best of her, and this is the first time she's been well enough to be able to be around her and hold her. 

15) Seeing momma Glinda holding LO made me miss my mom that much more. I know she's looking out for LO and is always here with us, but I still miss her. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Totally Randoms

1) I am addicted to roasted red pepper hummus and jelly beans (but not together).

2) My LO will be two months old tomorrow. Boy how time flies! 

3) I had a dream that an actor from the Brady Bunch died....who it was, I have no idea. 

4) It is cold in my house. 

5) This is both sad and awesome at the same time. I would SO do something like this.

6) I had another dream last night that I had gone to Mtek, whether to visit it work I don't know, but went in the bathroom and came back out in an elementary school. What?? 

7) I will find out Monday for sure if I have a new job. I am so excited! It may not be enough money to pay the bills, so I may have to figure some things out, but it's still great! 

8) I do not like that friends come before family. I understand that friends can be family, but when you are leaving your house for hours on end, or at your house but ignoring your family to spend time with your friend(s), it's very hurtful. Family deserves more than just a couple of hours a day.

9) Praying for my friend Brandy and her family. They have all been sick, and her oldest LO is scheduled to have surgery to remove her tonsils next month at Vandy. Hoping the surgery goes well and they all get better soon. 

10) Maalox, even cherry flavored, doesn't taste all that great. I've had worse, but it's just too chalky. Works good tho. Fixed chicken curry for supper and it was to die for, but got a touch of heartburn from it. 

11) LO is wide awake after her bottle. Not cool. Mommy is tired. She is not crying tho, so hoping she'll fall asleep after a bit. 

12) When I feel strongly about a subject, no amount of persuasion is going to change my mind. You believe what you want to, and I'll believe what I want to. 

13) I need a pedicure badly. Since being in the hospital having LO, my feet have been so rough and no amount of soaking or scrubbing on my part have done any good. I just hate people touching my feet! 

14) It's still cold in my house. 

15) I fell asleep earlier with my glasses on, and about to do it again. Good night! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

8 Weeks or a Month?

I am so confused! In infants, do you say they are two months old on the "anniversary" of their birthday (the actual date), or do you go by the actual weeks, which would be 8 weeks? 

Technically, not every month has the same amount of days. That being said, the actual date could be off by a few days, depending on the month. 8 weeks is exactly a month, yet today is the 5th. Layna was born on the 8th. So is she two months old today, or just 8 weeks? 

The doctor's office says she can't get her two month shots till after the 8th. An app that I have that tracks the days and weeks tells me 2 months today. 

Soooooo......which is it? Does it really matter? 

In lieu of not really knowing, I took a picture or two today, just with my cell phone, for the two month. On Saturday, the 8th, I'll take more, with my camera. That way I'll have both. 

Here is tonight's, as well as a collage of the ones I took trying to get her settled down. Yet again, she was grumpy. Go fig! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

What Will You Give Up for Lent?

Ash Wednesday is this coming Wednesday. As tradition with some religions (including Methodist, if they choose to participate), you are to give up doing/eating something that you really like. In doing so, you are honoring the great sacrifice that Jesus gave for us. What we give up is nothing compared to Him giving up His life for us, so it shouldn't be that hard for us to do. 

The Lenten season lasts from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. That is 40 days. For 40 days you have to give something up. And no, you will not go to Hell if you can't make it all 40 days. Trying is just as good. 

So what can you give up? Lots of things. Some people give up red meat, some people give up fast food. Some give up drinking any kind of soda, where some give up smoking. For kids, it could be their video games or cartoons. My pastor is giving up watching TV on Monday nights because that is when all her favorite shows come on. 

Yes, you can give up something for just one day a week for 40 days. You can give up those Friday nights you go out to dinner, or decide that on Tuesdays you won't smoke a cigarette at all. Or for kids, no cartoons on Saturday mornings. For sports fans, no watching games/races on Sundays (that would be hard!). 

As you give something up, you can take that void and fill it with positive. If you give up something that takes time (tv, cigarettes, video games) why not fill that time by bettering your spiritual life? Instead of games on Sundays or The Bachelor (whatever night that is), why not read the Bible or start a devotional? Think about areas of your life that need improvement and use that time to work on them. Do you have problems, addictions, that you need to work through, shake off? Use this time to reflect and come closer to God and He will help you with your problems. 

For me, what I am going to give up was almost instant. I seriously wanted to give up changing dirty diapers, but no one else will change them! So I am going to give up most all the Internet. I am only going to use it for my blog, checking the news and weather (beings I have no tv), and looking at the pattern I'm using for Layna's christening gown. That means no Facebook, no Pinterest, no eBay or Etsy. I will only use the Internet for things other than what's listed above only if I have to. Giving up the latter two will also mean giving up spending money I don't need to spend. 

This is going to be very hard for me, but I am going to do it. I am going to start reading during the bottle times (except for writing my blog entries). I am going to spend time with the people around me instead of having my nose in my phone (like most people these days....using their phones in church, at funerals, at the dinner table, etc). 

So, I challenge you to participate in the Lenten season and give up something for 40 days. What will you give up? Let me know and 40 days from Wednesday we'll follow up and see how well we all did. Good luck, and God bless you! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Some People!

For those of you looking for baby-related stuff....this entry isn't the one. I have strayed from the norm tonight to vent some of my frustrations. Sorry. 

It amazes me the gall of some people. There are so many things that amaze me to no end when it comes to the character of people.

Where should I start? 

Now that I have my LO, I can't imagine anyone wanting to give their children away. I love her so much, I would even have a hard time if God asked me to give her up and follow Him, something as a Christian you are supposed to do (follow his instruction). I understand some people have to, if they are financially burdened and just can't make it work. But to give up your kids just because you don't want them anymore, or someone you are dating doesn't want them? That is ridiculous! That person should have never been a mother to begin with, and she should have to be sterilized so she can never have kids again. 

The next thing that upsets me is family that turns their back on other family members. When you are putting people you don't even know before your own flesh and blood, that's pretty sorry. Who on earth would want to not be around their own child/grandchild, their parents, grandparents? Who doesn't call to check on them, see if they are ok, if they need anything, or not answer when they call/txt? (The only exception being if the person you are turning your back on is one of these horrible people I am referring to. If so, then pray for them to change their ways.)

It also irks me when people think they are better than others. Just because you have more money doesn't mean you are any better than the person that works hard yet has little to show for it. It's not the fancy things you own, it's what is in your heart. Some people have it all, yet they have a heart of stone. Some people have nothing but have hearts of gold. Your social status, your job, your money, does not make you better than anyone. Your cold heart, manipulative ways, lying tongue, and holier-than-thou attitude makes you a horrible person, and you really need to think about how you live your life. 

Speaking of lying, people who intentionally lie to hurt others, for whatever reason, are also horrible people. To accuse people of doing something there is no way that they did, to come outright and say you are going to blame someone for doing something that you plan on doing, to go behind people's backs and manipulate things to hurt someone, is a sin that you will have to answer to God for. Are you prepared to stand before God and answer the question "Why did you lie about ____ and what they supposedly did? Why did you lie to ____ and hurt them so bad? Why did you lie about ____ to get what you wanted?" How will you answer? What will your answer be? 

Do not judge lest you be judged. I know that I don't have a right to judge others. I too have skeletons in my closet that I have to answer for. I have just vented my frustrations here tonight/this morning. I have stated facts that I hope someone will read and maybe realize how awful they have been and change their ways. No one has to answer to me, but to God. He is the ultimate judge of us all, and I hope that bringing some of this to light makes others realize they need to think about how they live their lives, conduct their business, treat their families, and change their ways.


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Did You See the Price Tag on Those Shoes?

In the adventures of being a new mommy, I am learning things every day. For instance, after a 2am bottle, if I want to get any sleep, I have to change her diaper BEFORE the bottle. That way when she falls asleep drinking, I don't have to worry about waking her up to change her. I have also learned I don't like onesies that have to go over the head and button at the crotch. They are great for a quick diaper change, but getting on and off is a pain! Same goes for two piece outfits with pants she can wiggle out of. 

I have also learned that my LO (little one) can kick off socks faster than a cheeta can run! Her feet and hands stay cold constantly, yet she hates to have any kind of blanket or covering on her. Now, with the zipper or buttoned footed onesie outfits she has no choice, they are not coming off her feet, but anything else is off in a flash. She even wiggles out of being swaddled! 

So, because of that reason, I decided to buy her some shoes. If you are like me, your first thought is "Why does a two month old need shoes? She's not going for a walk!" As I said, beings she can't keep socks on, I thought maybe she couldn't kick shoes off. 

I had shoes given to me at the baby shower, but none in newborn size, which is what she is still in. We were shopping in Burkes Outlet last night and I came across one pair (seriously, only one?) of newborn shoes. They were adorable, and only $4.99, so I got them. Brown canvas, pink laces and accents, and a white sole, with a little pink elephant on them. We put them on as soon as we got home and they are SO cute! 

Me being a woman, tho, I have to match everything. She has a lot of black, yellow, and green/blue flower outfits, and brown and pink shoes just won't match! Cue some eBay shopping! I hop on the eBay app, type in "newborn shoes" and go at it. 

Holy crap! All I wanted was a simple pair of white shoes, reasonably priced. I came across crocheted shoes and booties, which both I can make and they wouldn't stay on her feet anyway. The rest? Totally outrageously priced! I mean, come on! She's only gonna wear them maybe a couple of months, and she's not gonna go for a stroll in them. Why so expensive for a two month old?!?

I found Converse for $25, Adidis for $35, even Nike socks for two pair at $15. Socks for $15???? Even the simple pairs were $15 or more. 

This one, tho, takes the cake. Anyone who would drop this kind of money for a pair of INFANT shoes is out of their mind. 

Polo Ralph Lauren Tavin Boy Girl Boots Baby Size 0 EUC Newborn Leather Shoes

I understand they are leather, and name brand (and cute!), but seriously, that much money for only a month or two? No freaking way. 

I am even leary of paying $10 for a pair. The $4.99 shoes I bought last night are about as much as I'd want to pay. I can understand paying big bucks for an adult shoe, they should last quite a few years. I have no problem dropping $50-$100 on a good pair of Ariat boots that will last me at least 6-7 years. But to pay big bucks for a baby shoe that will only be worn a few months? As Uncle Si says....Naw. The only exception will be that she will have to have a pair of cowboy boots at some point, for the wedding. For that I will pay a little more. 

So it is now my mission to find an inexpensive pair of white shoes. I may be out of luck, considering eBay is usually the place for bargains, but I'm gonna try. 

BTW, she slept for three hours in her shoes and threw a kick fit when she woke up wanting a bottle....the shoes were still on. 😊