Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Day

1) Before I'm even out of my jammies, the State comes knocking on my door telling me that if my landlord doesn't do anything about the septic leak in the back yard, they will take ME to court! It has been leaking for TWO YEARS and he hasn't done anything.

2) Get the new umbrella stroller out that I bought on clearance yesterday to put it together for our trip to the library. Its missing the front wheels!!!!!! Then I dug through nasty garbage to find the receipt.

3) Get to the library, print out my label to send the phone in that is defective. Talk to the library lady and she hinted to me that Layna was too young for the story time, that in a few more months she could come. (Called her a choice name under my breath.)

4) Learned we do not have a FedEx in town anymore.....I have to go to Murfreesboro to send off my phone.

5) Almost get hit on the way home. Twice.

6) Call my doctor's new office because I really need my Zoloft now....they don't take my insurance! So now I have to start all over....again.

7) Layna was fussy all afternoon, even at the neighbor's house.

8) Get a txt from my landlord. Jerk knows we didn't pay last month because Bugz didn't work much due to the snow-ice-rain, but that I was going to pay this weekend. He said the water department was going to shut him down if he didn't fix the sewer, and that if we don't pay him rent he will make us move. TWO YEARS he's had to clean that mess up and fix it, yet now it's MY fault and I'm going to lose my place to live.

9) Go to the powder room to...well, yanno....look in the mirror; the capris I am wearing, only one of two pair I can wear, have busted out at the front pocket. I am so fat I busted my pants and now only have one pair left.

10) Too stressed to eat, my stomach is in knots.

I know there was more....especially this morning after the State guy left, but I just have SO much on me right now I can't remember it all.

So yeah, I had a horrible day!

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