Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm Back With Randomness!

1) Happiness always comes with a price.

2) Don't we all deserve to be happy?

3) Having a rambunctious two year old is tiring.

4) Watching horrible adult cartoons on a Sunday night is NOT a smart thing to do with a two year old who is a mockingbird.

5) A 91 year old set in her ways is very hard to deal with!

6) Deadbeat parents, biological or not, should be shot. Its not about money, it's about being a good parent!

7) Sometimes I wish my daughter hadn't learned the word "Mama".

8) Don't say you are going to do something and not do it, or never have any intention of doing it.

9) Being a single mother sucks.

10) Sleep is VERY underrated.

11) I want to reread the Harry Potter series.

12) I am addicted to reading Amish fiction, and wish that (without the religion) I could live that way sometimes, in the more simpler life.

13) I can't end this on 13, just because.

14) I hope it snows at least one more big snow before the season is over. My daughter and I both love the snow.

15) Sleep is VERY underrated. (did I say that already?)

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